Applying to the CEP – Part One

I feel like my first official blog should come with a word of warning: although I’m not a superstitious person, I didn’t record my journey through the Disney application process because I didn’t want to jinx my chances. I simply didn’t want to get ahead of myself and waste time writing down each and every detail when there was still a considerable chance that I wouldn’t get selected. As a result, I can’t recall the minutest of details concerning my application almost a year ago in 2015. But I still remember quite a bit. If you want specific details, and I mean really, super specific ones, check out my blogroll of Other CEP Participants: Past and Present. There are plenty of others, who I’m not ashamed to admit, have covered the application process in much more detail than me.

But anyway…

I applied to the CEP late in the summer of 2015 through Yummy Jobs. For those of you thinking “Who are Yummy Jobs? And what do they have to do with Disney?” Fear not, because I thought exactly the same when doing my initial research. Yummy Jobs is a recruitment company in the UK that deals specifically with sending us Brits abroad, with Walt Disney World being just one of their partner companies. These are the people that are going to deal with you first and foremost.

The Yummy Jobs Online Application

The online application on the Yummy Jobs website is your first step on the path to Disney, and is in my opinion the easiest part of the application process. Yummy Jobs ask you to create a profile on their website, fill in a few details and answer a few questions. They also ask for a copy of your CV. My main tip for this stage is to think about Disney and what they’re after. Really tailor your application to be Disney focused. For me, this meant focusing on my interaction with customers and standards of customer service from previous jobs, also highlighting my positivity and friendly nature. Think about cast members you’ve encountered on the parks and how you would suit the role.

The Prescreen Interview

Once you’ve submitted your Yummy Jobs application online and played the waiting game, you get asked to a ‘Prescreen Interview’ if your application is successful. This is a group interview with Yummy Jobs to determine if you’re suitable for the position at Disney. In my case, I was asked to go down to the company’s offices in Epping, London.

After I arrived at the offices, I was given a sticker with the name of a Disney character on. This would later determine the time and group I would be interviewed with. After taking a seat with all the other applicants, we were asked to watch a presentation and video with more specific details about what our time at Disney could be like. For instance housing, roles, and the financial side of things were all explained. The thing I would like to stress about this stage is that although it was obviously nerve-wracking, the atmosphere at Yummy Jobs was quite fun and informal. We were asked to take a Disney themed photo (in ours we all had to pretend like we were surfing in Lilo and Stitch) and everyone there was just really friendly and chatty. I had no difficulties making a few friends, and we’re still in touch in Facebook now!

Yummy Jobs split the interviews into two time slots, so you may get asked to leave the offices for an hour or so whilst the first set of interviews are conducted. My interview group, Maleficent, was in the first time slot so we had our interviews directly after the presentations. About 8 of us were ushered into a room and interview by Luke, again a really friendly and chatty guy, so things didn’t feel overly stressful.

We were asked questions as a group, then getting the chance to  answer them each individually in turn. For instance he would start with the first person on his left and work his way round to the right for the first question, then reverse the process for the next question, alternating for each subsequent question. I think this was the part I found most difficult, as I worried that someone would say something similar to my own response, and it would look like I had copied them. Just try to stay calm and come up with a few things you could say to make sure you’re original and memorable.

Luke asked us a variety of questions, some were more chatty and informal like our favourite food or place and which Disney character we would compare ourselves to. Whilst others were more serious, for instance why we wanted to go, and what roles we were interested in. There were also a few scenario questions, like what we would do if we had issues with a flatmate, or role specific ones, like dealing with customers. Once the interview was over and questions had been asked, we had our photo taken as an interview group in front of a print out of the Cinderella Castle. We’ve since used this to add each other on Facebook, and to check how many of us got through the process. I know that at least 5 of us got through in the end!

Team Maleficient

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