My Bucket List – the Final Update

Now that I’ve been back in the UK for quite a while, I thought I would do a final update on my bucket list. I managed to get quite a lot done during my summer at Disney, mainly because I made sure to do something every time I had a day off. I think I was also pretty lucky in the group of friends that I made, as we all had similar things on our bucket lists and were up for trying new things. Saying this, there are still quite a few things that I just couldn’t complete. I simply didn’t have the time or the money. After all, I was only at Disney for two months and I averaged at about 45 hours a week at work. I’m pretty proud of the amount I got done in the end!

  1. Get a photo with every park icon – the Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom, the Golf Ball at Epcot, the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom and the Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios. Completed on the 24.06.16
  2. Go park hopping. Completed on the 24.06.16
  3. Visit all four parks in one day. Completed on the 24.06.16
  4. Get a photo with every Disney princess. Completed over the program.
  5. Fill an autograph book. I didn’t quite fill my autograph book, but I did collect as many autographs as I possibly could. I think I got over 40 in the end, so I didn’t do too badly!
  6. Collect as many badges and pins as possible. I have quite a few “I’m Celebrating” badges from over my program, but for some reason this year I chose not to collect pins. In fact I only purchased one, a cast member exclusive, to commemorate earning my ears.
  7. Be at Magic Kingdom when it opens. Completed on the 17.08.16
  8. Be at Magic Kingdom when it closes. I never quite made it to closing, but I did see the Goodnight Kiss!
  9. Watch Wishes and Fantasmic! as many times as possible. Completed over the program.
  10. Watch Wishes from the Polynesian beach. Completed on the 22.06.16
  11. Eat at the Polynesian. Completed on the 4.07.16
  12. Watch the new Rivers of Light show at Animal Kingdom. Sadly I was unable to complete this one as Rivers of Light is still unavailable for public viewing. I did go to see the Jungle Book show though!
  13. Watch IllumiNations at Epcot. Completed on the 4.07.16
  14. Eat my way around the world at the World Showcase in Epcot. I didn’t manage to eat at every single country on the World Showcase, but I gave it a good go. I dined at Mexico, China, Italy, France and the UK.
  15. Have my name embroidered onto a pair of ears. Completed on the 2.08.16
  16. Get a photo with Minnie and Mickey when I graduate. Completed on the 2.08.16
  17. Participate in the VoluntEARS scheme. Completed on the 14.08.16
  18. Go to Mickey’s Retreat. Completed on the 26.08.16
  19. Go to Disney Springs. Completed on the 21.06.16
  20. Go to Disney’s BoardWalk. Completed on the 24.06.16
  21. Watch a movie in the outdoor theatre. Watch a movie at the Fortwilderness Campground.
  22. Go on a cast member tour. I looked out for tours available to Cast Members but sadly most were running after the end of my program. I did manage to do Space Mountain with the lights on, which sort of counts!
  23. Go shopping in the Florida Mall. Completed on the 27.06.16
  24. Eat at iHop as much as possible. Completed over my program
  25. Have pancakes at Chef Mickey’s. Completed on the 17.08.16
  26. Have a character breakfast. Completed on the 4.07.16
  27. Eat at the Be Our Guest restaurant. Completed on the 23.08.16
  28. Eat the ‘Kitchen Sink.’ Completed on the 2.08.16
  29. Have a cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory.
  30. Eat at the Rainforest Cafe.
  31. Go to the beach. Completed on the 19.08.16
  32. Visit Miami. Completed on the 19.08.2016
  33. Visit the Wynwood Walls in Miami. Completed on the 20.08.2016
  34. Go to the Kennedy Space Centre.
  35. Watch a live American sports game. Completed on the 31.08.16
  36. Go to Harry Potter World at Universal. Completed on the 2.07.16
  37. Go to the Everglades.
  38. Go to Hooters. Completed on the 19.08.16
  39. Get Pixie Dusted. Completed on the 23.07.16
  40. Have another character breakfast. Completed on the 2.08.16 and the 18.08.16
  41. Go to Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. I made it to Typhoon Lagoon but sadly not Blizzard Beach.
  42. Be the recipient of a magical moment. I actually got a few of these over the course of my program!
  43. See Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire. Completed on the 23.07.16
  44. Go to the rodeo.
  45. Get to the Millenia Mall.
  46. Go resort hopping. Completed on the 23.07.16
  47. Get to the Grand Floridian. Completed on the 23.07.16
  48. Have dinner with my housemates.
  49. See Wishes from the Contemporary Resort.
  50. Get empty park photos.
  51. Get stereotypical park photos in front of the castle. Completed on the 17.08.16
  52. Earn my money back on my Universal Pass. Completed by going to Universal 3 times.

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