Day 70


I caught my flight from Orlando at 18.45, arriving in Toronto at about 21.30. I then caught my connection at 23.10 and arrived in London at 11.05am. I was very lucky to meet my parents at the arrivals gate at Heathrow to get a lift. It’s good to be home!


Day 69


After checking into my hotel in Orlando last night, I had a lot of time to kill this morning before my flight at 18.45. In this time, I decided to go back to Florida Mall and spend even more of my hard earned money. Sadly, I didn’t take many photos today, in fact this is the only one I seem to have taken. While I took a rest to take some medicine, I noticed that the woman sat opposite me was painting her toenails.

Day 68



On our final day in New York, and Polly and I’s last day together, we spent the morning packing our suitcases properly so that they weren’t overweight. We then made our way to Pershing Square opposite Grand Central, a personal favourite of mine. Sadly we didn’t make it in time for breakfast (the waffles I’ve had there in the past were some of the best I’ve ever had), but lunch was of similar standard! After saying our goodbyes in Grand Central, I headed back to the hotel to collect my suitcases and get a flight back to Orlando. Polly was flying home from JFK later that evening.

Some of you may be aware that I was supposed to be flying back to the UK on the first of September, and not the 26th/27th. Unfortunately within my last few weeks in America I became unwell and decided that it would be best to return home. I think all the long days and late nights finally caught up with me!


Day 67



Today we had another pretty packed day in New York. We started off the morning by the Rockefeller Center and St Patrick’s Cathedral, then walked down Fifth Avenue to the New York Public Library. Polly was quite disappointed to find out that the Rose Reading Room was shut for refurbishment as it was on her bucket list of places to see. We then lunched behind the library in Bryant Park, enjoying the sunshine and views of the skyscrapers. Afterwards we caught the subway over to see the Flatiron building which I had only ever seen from a distance. Polly and I then went our separate ways, Polly to see some friends from home and me to see my cousin who lives and works in New York. Once we had both had our respective catch ups, we met back at the Rockefeller to see the sunset from the top. The views were spectacular!

Day 66


This morning we went downtown to the Highline and the Meatpacking District, and had a look around Chelsea Market. We then went over to Brooklyn to see the bridge from the park, I had never seen this view from the riverside so it was pretty impressive! After taking a break on the grass and enjoying the view, we went onto the bridge and then headed for dinner at a local pizzeria. Before going back to the hotel, we also visited the 9/11 memorial. 

Day 65


We had an early start this morning, getting up at 3am for our flight to New York at 6.45. Once we arrived at La Guardia airport, we checked into our hotel and set off for Manhattan. We managed to see Grand Central, Central Park, the Met steps, Fifth Avenue and Times Square. We also had dinner at The Counter near Times Square where Polly and I agreed we had the best burger of our whole trip so far!