Other CEP Participants: Past and Present

As I said on my homepage, I’m someone who can’t really make any big decisions without doing a good amount of research first. Before applying to the CEP, I read as many blogs as I could find and watched as many vlogs as I had time for, just to make sure that this was something I really wanted to do. That’s why I’ve included a blogroll of other CEP participants, past and present, to help any future applicants make their minds up about the program. And for general readers and Disney-lovers, here’s a few more people who have the same passion for Walt and Mickey.

Past CEP Participants

Carly McIntyre. This was the first blog I came across when doing my initial research. Carly has worked at Walt Disney World multiple times, so really knows her stuff! Click here for Carly’s tumblr page.

Current CEP Participants

These lovely people will also be out at Walt Disney World this summer, so check out their blogs for other perspectives on the CEP and for even more Disney! Just click the blog title for each participant to be taken to their page.

The Ally Magic

Annie Belle – The Disney Belle

Jo’s Disney CEP Adventure

Kit’s Disney CEP Adventure

Have Courage and Be Kind 2016 – An American Adventure 

Not-So-Bloggy Blog


My friend Jemma did weekly vlogs of our experience and I feature in a few of them! Check out her Youtube channel Jemmawemmadingdong!

Annie Belle’s Youtube channel is also fantastic! She’s made numerous vlogs about her experiences on the CEP. Find her here. Her video ‘What is your biggest dream?’ is incredible and always makes me emotional!

Feel free to leave a comment if you would like your blog featured here as well! 


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